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Today, we have 6 members of staff chatting at any one time and we hope to increase the use of Jivochat in a few months. We recommend this service to any type of company, big or small.



Steve Bernard, Jivo Chat has proven itself as a simple and very effective way to drive up user engagement, support customer service and increase sales.The proactive chat invitations generate more leads for our business. It also sends you alerts and every chat log so you are able to keep an eye out on employees.The backend is easy to use and keeps archives of all chat history for easy reference. They are constantly doing updates to make it even better. Evan Mc Lemee We were looking for an effective chat module to add to our site, comparing prices, features, and ease of use, and Jivochat ‘seemed like a perfect’ fit.Setting up Jivochat was fast, and any questions I had were immediately answered by the Jivochat Live Chat Agent.We ran it on a free trial, but well before the trial ended we knew that Jivochat ‘was the perfect fit’. One day after signing up for my free trial, I made a conversion straight from the chat.

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