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I don't know what stone butch, soft butch, butch, lipstick lesbian, chapstick lesbian, sport dyke, etc. Confused Dear Confused, Whereas taking on a label like "Lipstick Lesbian” can be meaningful and empowering to some women, others would rather not classify themselves so narrowly.

Look through the profiles of Lesbian singles that have joined Lipstick Lesbian that are tagged with Mature.

"Chapstick lesbians" are often considered soft butch.

The term has also been reinterpreted as a derogatory reference to feigned lesbianism — implying that it is as easy as lipstick to add or remove.

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In the show, Ellen De Generes's character, asked by her parents whether a certain woman is a "dipstick lesbian," explains that the term is "lipstick lesbian," and comments that "I would be a chapstick lesbian." In 1999, columnist Mark Steyn called actress Anne Heche, who was dating De Generes at the time, "the world's most famous lipstick lesbian." A distinction is sometimes drawn between the phrases "lipstick lesbian" and "chapstick lesbian" and the older phrases butch and femme by suggesting that the former phrases simply refer to appearance, whereas the latter imply mutual attraction of the two types.The real life proportion of lesbians that are lipstick lesbians is somewhat lower than what one might expect from watching television.The reasons for this proportional over-representation can include Fanservice (because Girl-on-Girl Is Hot), wanting to avert the stereotype of Butch Lesbian (and the implication that non-heterosexuals are "gender inverted"), wanting to present a lesbian character that won't "intimidate" viewers, and also wanting to avoid making said lesbian character's sexuality an excessively large issue by presenting her as a person who just happens to be attracted to other women.Masculine– Feminine Gay Couple is for when this type of woman is paired with a more butch one.Find Femmes is a dating site aimed at feminine identified LGBTQ women, aka femmes/ lipstick lesbians.

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