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I scribbled everything down and started mumbling the phrasing until I felt it was kinda flowing.

Its become a song about the perfect love that is distilled down into memories, even distorted ones.' I was analysing a relationship and considering the moments where both sides lose an argument or dominate a situation.

We feel it's a very good deal, and hope you do too.

#Music Declares Emergency is a group of artists, music industry professionals & organisations that stand together to declare a climate & ecological emergency & call for an immediate governmental response. New to me, the @dukespirit singers solo project is a triumph.

Meanwhile, Above You, Around You meditates on selfhood while all around is in flux.

The lush chorales and pillowy synths of Moon and restorative devotional of Hidden Sea provide loving climaxes to an album that marks great leaps forward for one of alt-rock’s most magnetic voices.

In practice, while the band’s Spiritualized-style ebb, flow and sense of drama are still present, The Duke Spirit’s core elements of rocky guitar-centrism and rhythmic drive are eschewed.takes off with “Above You, Around You”, its fourth track. Minimal piano refrains, distantly chiming guitars, heartbeat percussion, string swells and a plaintive, multi-tracked voice have summoned a subdued yet intense mood.Then, the curtain is drawn and an ascending musical drama spills from the speakers.The opening line, musically and vocally, was the earliest bit we just couldn't let go of, we thought it had a good haunting (but raw) realness.I had two early miscarriages followed by a stillborn before my son came along - this track is a bunch of words and sounds that reflect the constant cycle of renewal and repair that I found myself (and my fella) to be in.

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