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Here is a snippet from an actual e-mail that was passed along by a straight woman to 10 other straight women — and me. Send me an e-mail about an exciting new product with which you can spray the walls of the one or two lesbians bars in town to repel your exes so that you can scope the ladies in peace, and I’ll think about being amused.Fortunately, however, the world is coming to realize that lesbians and straight men have a lot in common and might even gravitate towards each other as buddies.And I certainly know some dykes who want to top their lezbro dudes.I wouldn’t say that anyone is being "turned" by those experiences, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some Chasing Amy types or bi-male-curious dykes with ulterior motives too.

The lezbro is a direct descendant of the drag queen and bear, and he inherited both his mother’s impeccable style and father’s rugged good looks.

AE: The Details article cautions that among true lezbros lurk "turners," i.e.

men who pretend to be friends with lesbians but are actually trying to get into their pants. What advice would you give to a lesbian whose lezbro is revealed to be a turner?

Let’s face it: Sometimes you want to relax and unleash your inner frat boy, and you don’t want to be pilloried for being un-PC or coming across as unenlightened."I can talk to a straight guy about sex in a way I can’t with lesbians," says Dina, a lesbian who often hangs out with lesbro pals at New York City bars like Cubby Hole. The film, produced by a collective of queer filmmakers called "4 Dykes Presents" based out of San Francisco, is a lighthearted anthropological study of men who share a bond with lesbians, and it concludes with a humorous theme song and music video.

I was able to catch Dara Sklar, creator of Lezbros, for a few minutes last night to answer some questions about the film and lesbian/lezbro relationships in general.

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