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For six seasons on TV’s The L Word Laurel formed half of the sacrosanct relationship at the core of the show’s beating heart.She was Tina, indivisible from Bette for Ti Bette fans the world over. The show’s fan-base is predominately a lesbian one, an audience who was previously starved of any media presence, real or fictional.So when Tina Kennard returned to men in Season 4, seemingly trading Bette Porter in for, heaven forbid, Henry, most of her screen friends and some of her fans gave up on her. Laurel now says of this storyline “it wasn’t a story that was explored. At the time of press, she and her husband of nine years are in the midst of a trial separation, so she’s not entirely sure if that classifies her as a single mother to Lola (aged 6) and Nala (2 and ½) or not.There are always shades of grey.” Bisexuality, it seems, can be a political minefield. ” Something Tina Kennard would no doubt agree with. It isn’t surprising that Laurel Lisa Holloman, a southern belle from North Carolina who is yet to turn 40, hates labels – the more open she is, the harder it gets to pin one on her. She’s spent the last 20 years carving a very successful niche for herself as an indie film / cutting edge TV actress.When I’m painting and I’m in a groove, I have music on really loud. I don’t know what the future holds but I do see myself painting as an older woman. Laurel’s painting allows a private return to the passionate, feisty, jeans and t-shirt indie tomboy who’s desperate to get her hands dirty, only this time not with the contents of a stinky nappy.Bulletwas one of the first paintings I sold, it’s all based on this Damien Rice song 9 Crimes. It was ridiculous how much I listened to it.” If you know the album, you know how heart-wringing yet beautifully sad it is: Rice’s tortured voice quivering with emotion alongside that of his estranged girlfriend Lisa Hannigan. She once described her southern childhood as “very Sally Mann, i.e.All I know is that it was like a clinging on to whatever my identity was before I got married and had kids. I felt I was getting back almost to the person I was right out of college. The two things that make it really therapeutic are the music and the repetitiveness of the brush strokes. I think if I want to act or paint it’s not a bad thing.” For a moment I’m worried, is this an either / or situation, the acting or the painting? God, I have so much to learn – that craving of the learning and the newness of something. From sable brushes that cost 0 to brushes from the hardware store, my hands and fingers and everything from a diaper to a baby wipe. A reaction against her alter-ego, the perfectly groomed Angeleno she played for six years on TV.

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I can’t say what it is, but it’s great stuff — it’s good. why she made that decision, and then understand also why it doesn’t work. It’s just as an actor you always want to explore more. [Bette and Tina] behave in certain very reactive ways and they don’t always stay in touch with what they’re really feeling and how they’re behaving, which is very human. all drama, but I’d say this season is more about the focus on the central characters, the original characters, and those friendships and those relationships. , Laurel Holloman’s character, Tina Kennard, has gone through a lifetime’s worth of dyke drama.After several breakups, makeups, a baby, a boyfriend, and a diva on a dysfunctional movie set, Holloman told After that this season has been her favorite to shoot since Season 1.For those who were exasperated with Tina’s behavior over the last couple of seasons, Holloman urged, “Don’t give up on Tina. She’s figuring it out.”Laurel Holloman: She’s just full steam ahead in her career, she’s producing a movie, and it’s really exciting.There’s lots of drama, and she has a very antagonistic relationship with Jenny, Mia Kirshner’s character, and it’s fantastic. I love working with Mia — we work really well together. LH: This season and first season were probably my two favorites to so far. When I met you at GLAAD last May, you said that it was really hard for you to shoot last year because Tina was off with Henry so much. in a way I had a lot more time off, and I tried to enjoy that time with my family and just know that it’s an ensemble and things circle back around.

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