Isyncr not updating play count

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There should be a music folder already on the phone. Alternatively, you may want to use Google Play Music.

It will copy your music from your computer to the cloud, and make it accessible from all your devices.

I used the app i Syncr pro because I have multiple smart playlists.

At first I spent a lot of time manually transferring over my songs and playlists.

Edit: I'd like to keep using the native music player on Android, so I would prefer to not have to use someone else's app, just someone else's media player/organiser. ) or other stuff, let me know :) I still use i Tunes on PC (*sigh* I know, boys) and I've used i Syncr on every Android device I've ever owned. It syncs by playlist, so I select not only all of the real playlists I want on my phone, but then also one playlist ("Mobile Sync" or whatever you want to call it) that includes all of the tracks I want synced that aren't otherwise on a playlist. I like it very very much but I'm not positive it's worth that price right now without knowing the rest of the market a little bit better.

It works pretty nicely for my needs and was doing Wi Fi syncing long before you could natively Wi Fi sync in i Tunes! I'm using i Syncr which requires a desktop companion app to sync my music from i Tunes to my phone.

The great thing about Android though is that you don't need to use i Tunes.

I have over 90 smart playlists with 1,100 songs and it's very fast and reliable.

You can even set it to sync while you are asleep so you never have to consciously sync your device again.

[I dislike i Tunes just because I feel the program is a bit heavy, but the syncing method I linked above is perfect] Let me know if you have any other questions.

I went premium with it years ago, but the free version will give you a taste at least.

I've always used i Tunes alongside an app called i Syncr to sort out and sync my music on both my phone and desktop, but I'm getting really tired of i Tunes.

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