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“During the heat of the moment comes a rush of exhilaration from being naughty and sneaky,” Kaiser says.

“The blood in the body is rushing somewhere else, and it’s not to the brain!

Everyone is just so available — and there’s a curiosity element that affects everyone to some extent, regardless of how happily married or coupled you are.The Anthony Weiner Twitter sexting scandal has led to no shortage of questions over the fallout: What really counts as cheating? And how would you know if your partner was being “unfaithful?” Here, top sexual-health and psychology experts tackle these tough issues. Berman has named sexting, social media, and e-mail flirting phenomenon “cyber infidelity.” Stacy Kaiser, a licensed psychotherapist, relationship columnist for , refers to it as a “virtual affair.”Who’s Really Unfaithful Online?While online infidelity is more likely to occur in relationships that already have issues — emotional or sexual distance, for example — “the reality is that anyone can do it,” says Kaiser.Though exchanges may start as harmless flirting, they can trigger a compelling emotional and physical reaction.

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