Is apolo ohno dating anyone

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It’s Simon and Jordan, who are pissed on Travis’s behalf. But instead of sitting down and putting his shoes on, Apolo turns to look at JR, a contemplative look on his face.“Ok, what did I do this time? He can figure things out if you give him enough time, and enough hints. But next time a reporter comes to interview you at the Oval, take the time to introduce them around, preferably on camera. Apolo looks at him puzzled.“JR, we’ve been dating for a while now. JR opens his mouth but closes it when he has no immediate response to Apolo’s words. JR gets pulled into a closet by Jordan, who’s still in his skinsuit and skates, and is really ticked off. He’d figured out JR’s role as go between shortly after JR had been forced into it for the first time. Travis is quiet, and doesn’t like to talk all that much unless he knows you pretty well, which could make interactions with the press a little bit awkward. JR grins wider.“A little bit of Simon’s influence too I think,” he says. I wasn’t trying to hog the spotlight,” Apolo protests. Even if they decide not to use any of the footage on air, you’ll at least know you didn’t piss anyone off by not doing it in the first place,” JR explains.“Lesson learned…” Apolo says, tugging his shoes on, and getting his bag ready to go.“If it makes you feel any better, Apolo, you’re doing much better than you used too,” JR says, gathering his own bag out of his locker. We eat meals together regularly, at predetermined times and places as in dates. You regularly try and alter my social behavior in way that quite frankly is disturbingly like trying to ‘train me’,” here he makes air quotes, “and as far as I’m concerned, we’ve been sleeping with each other exclusively for like a year now. So it could be annoying when Apolo turned on the charm, or gave an interview and said something that to Apolo was a completely reasonable and natural thing to say, but to everyone else seemed completely douchey.JR has learned to mostly NOT take these comments to heart.You compete against them in the individual races, and with them in the relay.So for short track skaters life is a balancing act.

But now, at 19, JR knows Apolo beyond the public façade of the speed skating legend (sorta) named after the Greek God.

He’s close to Apolo, closer than pretty much everyone else in SLC, other than Shani Davis, who is hands down Apolo’s best friend in the entire world. Well not everything, but about the more-than-friends thing. He makes social blunders, and can be really annoying.

Which is sometimes good, because it gives JR a cover when the guys want to go out together for some ridiculous reason, when JR had plans with Apolo that involved staying home with take-out and Apolo’s big bed. No one knows the rest of them, and as far as Time is concerned it’s viewers that matter the most. Sean grins, wobbling on his skates a little.“You guys done for the day? Sean nods, almost going backwards to land on his butt. He does things like forgetting to introduce his friends to reporters, and apparently forgets to tell his boyfriend that they are actually dating, not just messing around. He’s fun, and smart, and could be really hilarious when he wants to be.

There is no room for doubt in Apolo Anton Ohno’s life.

When Apolo had gained national fame at the 2002 Olympics, JR had begun to look up to him on a completely different level.

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