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The girl speaks English, and she says she's a doctor and could she have a job?She's very pretty, with eyes the color of chocolate and hair that is long and dark and softly curled. Blackwell and his men are posted on a curve in the road outside the ministry, and all the bodies, the dead and the almost dead, pass them by.But these are small successes compared to the large changes that need to occur before women gain a secure presence and an effective voice in public life. Rend Al-Rahim is co-founder and President of the Iraq Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to the support and promotion of democracy, human rights and civil society in Iraq.Falling in love across enemy lines: It sounds like something out of a fairy tale. As this American soldier and his Iraqi wife found out, love in a war zone is difficult, it’s dangerous, and it Sergeant Sean Blackwell has been in Baghdad for two weeks when he meets the girl, and there's really nothing more to say about that particular moment.Attempts to form women caucuses in parliament have so far been unsuccessful because of political and ideological divisions.The Ministry of State for Women, a useful tool though not always effective, was abolished in 2014.

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But serving in parliament does not necessarily translate into wielding political influence, and only a small number of women MPs command a presence within the legislature, in their parties, and with the electorate.

A few seasoned women MPs who have served multiple terms have acquired expertise in complex issues, such as the national budget, and have gained sufficient confidence to assert themselves in legislative debates.

A few have led the way in oversight functions, becoming adept at investigative work.

The cooperative teaches the local women how to make a variety of different heritage products, which are also sold in the gift shop, as well as online.

The Tread Right grant, delivered in partnership with Tourism Cares, will allow the organization to consistently have the necessary materials on hand as well as help to complete a build-out of their gift shop, as well as provide merchandising expertise, and allow the group to expand their food services, creating more income opportunities for the cooperative’s members.

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