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Also, we introduce new branches, or change their address, very seldom.Once a store query was cached, it will be invalidated each time we add or update a store.In Java world, Hibernate is a well known ORM and JPA provider. For Java web applications, Hibernate is a often used solution.So, each time a web request arrives, database is queried and updated using this framework.Now, that we configured Hibernate, we need to integrate a caching provider.There are several cache solutions out there: Infinispan, Ehcache, Apache Ignite, Hazelcast, and so on.

The demo application, named Electronic Store, manages an electronic store.Items to be sold are saved in the items table (having an id, serial number, name, description).Each item can have a review, saved in the reviews table (which id, item_id (item for which the review is created), nr_stars, comment).The project exposes the following API: To better understand the need of second level cache, let’s first run the project without caching.We will access the ‘GET /item/’ endpoint, two times, each time with the same id.

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