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sexycaza: Something everyone should know about me is that I try to present myself in a best way possible to make the world a better place.Lars has continued to produce music videos for himself and his friends, including a cameo credit on past musical collaborator “Weird Al” Yankovic’s 2014 “Lame Claim to Fame” (for which Lars was given a special shout out in the liner notes to Al’s Grammy Award winning album, Mandatory Fun).Having been labeled as one of the pioneers of the underground “nerdcore hip-hop” subgenre, Lars has recently expanded from the studio to the classroom.The southern-California native and Stanford alum deems his comedic sonic concoction “post-punk laptop rap,” which is somewhat close to how it sounds and feel as Horris’s lyrics induces myriad chuckles over the course of 14 tracks.Inspired by the unlikely combination of emcee KRS-One and the master of parody, Weird Al Yankovich, Horris’s sharp-witted songwriting takes you into the realm of sardonic silliness as he lampoons what he hates to love and loves to hate about the left, right, and all wings in between of pop politics.

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