Internet dating bad stories statutory rape dating

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Whereas average joe has an average shot in the real world, average joe has to fight through a veritable army of men online to get what he wants.Do you know what kind of guys thrive in that kind of environment? Example: a guy online will message, in his first week, something ridiculous like 400 women.However, everyone else seems to know someone that knows someone whose sister’s cousin’s best friend’s mailman met his or her current partner online, and they’re getting married soon. You may not know this about me, but I worked for an online dating website once.It was a couple of years ago, and I worked in the marketing department.That’s the equivalent of being approached at a bar by 200 different guys. They’ll lie through their teeth, because as her standards go up, their lies need to go up too.

Women that aren’t exceptional in any way, with incredibly high standards, thanks to the monkeys and their attention.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: geeks, there is no substitute for real world interactions.Get out of your house, go to where the women are, and meet someone in real life.The profile with a picture and mediocre description received more than 200 messages over the course of 4 days.Conclusion: as long as you’re a woman with a picture, you’re getting 200 messages. If the average girls online are hot commodities, and they’re no longer going for average guys, well, the guys need to step it up, and become more than average.

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