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Following the search of a Mos¬ cow-hound train at Kiev by the KGB lust week, eight Jews carry¬ ing a pa Lit ion protesting against the authorities’ refusal to giant some of them visas for Israel were arrested. One of them, Israel Kleiner, hud his visn for Israel, which lie had received a few days before, cancel led. In New York Inst week 3.000 high school chil¬ dren staged an orderlv demonstra¬ tion near the Russlun UN mission.

/S Mr Boris Gaponov, the Soviet Hebrew poet, who arrived in Israel suffering from meningitis. [See page 4] Pope blesses B’nai B’rith From our Correspondent Rome T h , c P°pe praised the work of Rind Bnth on Wednesday and stressed the need to encourage hotter Christiun-Jewish rotations and fight all forms of discrimina¬ tion.

Soviet Deputy For¬ eign Minister, Mr Semyon Tsarapkiu, left u nmoling Micro on Tuesday with the Danish Foreign Minister, Mr Foul Hnrl- Jing, u little girl handed him n bouquet of flowers mid a book.

The Russian smiled ami thanked her, thinking it was a gift, rt whs, however, n special greeting from the Danish Action Commit Lee for Soviet Jews am! A let¬ ter Inside it began : “ Comrade, do you know Unit the USSR ., . '* whom the prosecution had (icmnnd- ed four years) was given three; Mikhail Shepslielovich—3 years; Ruth Alexandrovich and Boris Maflsier—one year each.

From oar Correspondent Jerusalem Reports Hint Syria lias agreed to the stationing of 25 Egyptian combat aircraft on her territory cannot be confirmed in Israel.

However, tluro Is no doubt that Egypt would welcome this.

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