I have no luck on dating sites

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Luck is, for all intents and purposes, taking the results of probability as a personal affront.We never see this quite so often as we do when it comes to relationships.well, that’s usually a sign that you’re doing it wrong.We have this very odd relationship with destiny and chaos in western culture.“Hey man, we really like your girlfriend,” they said.“You’re really lucky, meeting her.” Thing is though? In fact, if you’ve ever lamented that you’re unlucky in love..

Just sat down in the car for my mom to drop me off at the subway. I decided to meet up with this guy, let’s call him TJ. This is also my first meetup with someone I met online. Even people who consider themselves to be perfectly rational will find themselves falling towards quasi-magical thinking; taking part in certain actions even if they don’t necessarily believe that it will change the outcome.For example: attributing our failures or successes to luck.

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