How to survive dating a med student

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While you do need to stay in touch with your own physical condition, you can't diagnose yourself with every disease that you study.Doing so will result in severe and unnecessary stress, not to mention hypochondria.It's a mistake to think that taking time away from your studies to focus on your own health is wasted time.

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However, many med students don't really stop and think about just how stressful the process of studying to become a physician is really going to be.

No matter how busy you are, it's vital for you to take care of yourself.

It's important to develop healthy habits during your first year of medical school, so you'll have the stamina to take you through each year of your studies with success.

You need to remind yourself regularly that a healthy body is much better equipped to deal with stress than one that is unhealthy.

The physical symptoms of stress are real, and they can have a serious negative impact on your long term health.

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