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We expect that the workshop will continue to highlight novel technologies and opportunities for educational NLP in English as well as other languages.

The workshop will solicit both full papers and short papers for either oral or poster presentation.

The workshop’s continuing growth highlights the alignment between societal needs and technological advances.

NLP capabilities can now support an array of learning domains, including writing, speaking, reading, science, and mathematics, as well as the related intra-personal (e.g., self-confidence) and inter-personal (e.g., peer collaboration) skills.

It is one of the largest one-day workshops in the ACL community with over 80 attendees in the past several years.

The growing interest in educational applications and a diverse community of researchers involved resulted in the creation of the Special Interest Group in Educational Applications (SIGEDU) in 2017, which currently has 177 members.

For speech, there is an interest in advancing automated scoring to include the evaluation of discourse and content features in responses to spoken assessments.

General advances in speech technology have promoted a renewed interest in spoken dialog and multimodal systems for instruction and assessment, for instance, for workplace interviews and simulated teaching environments.

Another significant problem facing the field is that system performance is still primarily benchmarked against the Co NLL-2014 test set, even though this 5-year-old dataset only represents a very narrow domain of first year, South-East Asian undergraduates in Singapore.

Yanjun Gao, Alex Driban, Brennan Xavier Mc Manus, Elena Musi, Patricia M. Authors are invited to submit a full paper of up to eight (8) pages of content, plus unlimited references; final versions of long papers will be given one additional page of content (up to 9 pages) so that reviewers’ comments can be taken into account.

We also invite short papers of up to of up to four (4) pages of content, plus unlimited references.

First, the Hewlett Foundation reached out to the public and private sectors and sponsored two competitions: one for automated essay scoring, and the other for scoring of short response items.

The motivation driving these competitions was to engage the larger scientific community in this enterprise.

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