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It’s my family, my friends and having a personal life.

Those are the things that need nurturing.” She’s definitely nothing like her 4 It was revealed in May 2015 that Brody and Meester were expecting their first child, although neither one ever spoke publicly about their pregnancy.

Recently, Scott posted a picture on his Instagram account, where he his sister, Francesca Eastwood was eating cake as it was her birthday. Apparently, Scott never misses a chance to spread the love.

The Longest Ride’s loverboy, Scott was looking handsome in a tight-fitting T-shirt and grey Nike trainers.Don’t worry, we’ve done some digging and found 8 interesting things you probably didn’t know about Adam Brody and Leighton Meester’s relationship!The most logical explanation would be that these two were both introduced by Josh Schwartz, the mastermind behind both , a 2011 independent film, but at that time Meester was dating someone else.Every time I put it on I’m reminded of the grind, working till 3 am in the morning, exhausted and still running lines in my head for the next day. Moreover, Scott was on Cowboy look as he wore a cowboy hat.Then driving 100 miles up to LA that morning to audition. And these two enjoyed the first day of the festival in Indio, California.

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