Herpes dating in atlanta

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Luckily, I didn't transmit the virus to any of them.

For a year and a half, I used an online dating site and found multiple suitors who didn't mind that I was herpes positive. By being open, I was attracting men who were much more genuine, mature, and compatible than the ones I met when I was keeping my diagnosis a secret.

I did inform my partners before my new book, came out, and understandably, a few were surprised.

But the majority of the reactions were positive, and they wished me the best.

I discuss how important it is to disclose the diagnosis before having sex, and we review safe sex practices.

As a physician, I was informing and educating patients on how to treat outbreaks, engage in safe sex, and live successfully with the virus.

But as a patient, I believed there could only be punishment, suffering, and judgment for me.

Ob-gyn practitioners need boundless energy, and the variety of surgery, office, and labor and delivery suited my personality well.

Plus, I could identify with the young teens who cried when I diagnosed them with herpes and who wondered if anyone could love them.

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