Gears of war 2 stuck updating

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Tai has earned the nickname "Bulletproof," and maintains a very spiritual approach to battle.They manage to clear out the hospital and are then informed that they are to take part in a counteroffensive against the Locust.

Anya, the intel supervisor, informs him that she might have found a lead on Maria but that it's unlikely she's still alive.

Deep underground, they find themselves in the Hollow, the home of the Locust.

After fighting their way through several caverns and watching as several more pods drop from the surface, they eventually discover the Locust's new weapon: a titanic worm that is boring tunnels large enough to weaken and collapse the foundation of cities on the surface, dropping them down.

New combat features include the ability to grab downed enemies and use them as "meat-shields", the ability to crawl to safety when seriously injured, and perform a larger variety of finishing moves on fallen enemies.

Though portions of the game retain similar small-scale set pieces as seen in the original game, Gears of War 2 also features areas that are much larger in size and scope.

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