Funny online dating profile ideas

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Some of these are funny, some are annoying, some are creepy, and some are just plain bizarre.

From people who skip the greeting and go straight for asking for sexy pictures to people who give you the creeps, dating apps are the Wild West of romance.

Dating has never been easy, and there’s no argument about that.

In the age of internet dating, people have even more things to deal with.

People with disabilities — especially obvious physical ones — probably know that daily interactions get awkward.

Able-bodied people don’t always know how to interact with them without being weird.

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She enjoys eating, possibly more than feeding people.If you’re still hesitant, just look at her taste in clothes and her ability to drink two cocktails at once. You call this girl a loser; I definitely call her a winner. She can probably make a career with the ability to eat that number of chicken nuggets. Her bio might list pros and cons, but I’m not seeing any downsides here.Nothing like unloading all your darkest childhood memories to strangers on the internet.Maybe this girl’s strategy is to interest people enough to want to hear the rest of the story.Maybe she considers that the most interesting fact about herself. we’re kind of hoping that she’s doing better these days.

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