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You may feel tempted to list your best hobbies in a resume: Adding a list of interests and hobbies at the bottom of the page is a great way to end your resume.

And it may help you make an impression on the recruiter.

It’s okay to volunteer at an animal shelter, but we all know what cat hoarding implies.

The golden rule of dinner parties is also applicable for examples of interests to mention on a resume: Always avoid politics, religion, or sex. This is an easy way to alienate someone whose views are different from yours. So what happens if you are unable to come up with any good hobbies?

It won’t be fun when the recruiter turns out to be an Offenbach enthusiast, and it comes out that the closest you’ve ever been to a stage was the one time you watched It is one thing to be unique, but be careful not to cross the line into the Twilight Zone.Need more tips on how to use the information from the job description to quickly tailor your resume?Read our guide with an infographic: You can also select examples of good hobbies for a resume that fill in gaps in your skill set. Jack has gaps in his skill set because he's only had a handful of internships in the past.1 Adding a personal interests and hobbies section is often seen as irrelevant and unprofessional. A lot of companies are no longer looking for mere minions to sit and drink coffee and answer phones all day. Take a look at this: Google hires people who are open and playful. So, if you wanted to apply to Google, how could you let them know that you fit? On the other hand, if you are applying to a buttoned-up accounting firm, you might want to skip putting examples of hobbies in your resume altogether.How do you decide what is the best list of interests and hobbies to put on a CV?

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