From rigour and trustworthiness validating mixed methods

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It determines how confident the investigator is with the truth of the findings based on the research design, informants, and context.Truth value is commonly acquired from the discovery of human experiences as they are lived and perceived by the way in which qualitative research workers make sure that transferability, credibility, dependability, and confirmability are evident in their study.According to Guba’s aspects of trustworthiness which are relevant to both quantitative and qualitative studies are: Truth value questions if the investigator has established confidence in the truth of the results for the topics or informants and the context in which the research was undertaken.

means the concept of internal consistency, where the core issue is how we make sure rigor in the research process and the way we communicate to other people that we have done so.

In the past, qualitative research methodology has been criticized for lacking rigour, transparency, justification of data collection and analysis methods being used, and hence the integrity of findings.

Demonstrating rigour in qualitative studies is essential so that the research findings have the “integrity” to make an impact on practice, policy or both.

It is done when the investigator gives adequate information about the self (the researcher as instrument) and also the research context, processes, members, and researcher-participant connections to make it possible for the reader to decide how the findings may transfer.

Transferability in Qualitative Research is more the responsibility of the individual seeking to transfer the findings to a different situation or population than that of the investigator of the initial study.

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