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The only people that makes good reviews on this site are white people.

Yes there is a scammers but also there is a lot of honest and open mind woman on this site you can meet , I had a chance of meeting girls from, ukrain, morocco , azerbaaijan and uzbakistan .

Damit uns Opfer auch dort finden, kannst du ebenfalls etwas dazu beitragen, in dem du einfach vor dem Verlassen unserer Facebook-Seite noch auf "gefllt mir" klickst, also nicht vergessen! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Klasse wre auch, wenn du uns auf Twitter folgst, das kannst du hier: https://twitter.com/rsb_team ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Auf Instagram sind wir unter https:// zu finden!

Profilnummer: 3721595Huss, 56Denmark Kobenhavns Kommune Kobenhavn Gre: 5'10" (1 m 79 cm)Gewicht: 198lbs (89.8 kg)Looking for woman 18-99Registered: 05/10/2019Last logged: 14 minute(s) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RSB-Forum auf

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ if (/t[0-9]*f[0-9]*-(.*).html#msg(.*)/.test(window.location)) $('#foptions_link').click( function() ); $('#foptions_link2').click( function() ); $('#messagewrap').click(function() ); $('.goto_top').click(function(event) ); $('.goto_top').hover(function(), function()); function fix Post Images(){ //adjust max image size padding = 100; optswidth = $('#searchopts').width(); max_img_size = $('.

" data-username="Norvall  C." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Norvall C." data-details="Photo uploaded on 5/29/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/fdating.com#photo_112672" data-browse-link="/photos/fdating.com" data-browse-text="Browse all FDating photos" The manager of this site keeps blocking people's profiles for no reason.

I can't even contact the manager and they don't even reply.

Not to mention scammers who tried to ask me many times for a money transfer after three-four letters. I uploaded my photos to my profile and then logged off. I have been a member on this site before and I have never in my life had this must frustration of registering my profile on fdating.

There could be just one case in which I would use Fdating again if it were the only one dating site on the whole net. Is this manager trying to make it hard for people to register on this site?? This is really a big conspiracy to not be able to register on this site. I get either "Profile is temporarily unavailable," or "Your login is not in our records." Can they at least hire somebody that can actually run the site properly and not discriminate against people for entering the site because this is too much.

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