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Die Universität Mannheim bietet erstklassige Bachelor-, Master- und Promotions­programme.

Zahlreiche Hochschul­rankings bestätigen die hohe Qualität des Studien­angebots.

Quick Draw does not support 2d acceleration Fixed bug when dealing with 32bpp icons and alpha channel Changed dynamic lib install name to major.minor to preserve binary compatibility; added possibility to link against the Allegro framework using allegro-config Added possibility to link against Allegro framework using the allegro-config script Made the enduser package to create more symbolic links to the dylib in usr/local/lib When embedding a framework, fixbundle now checks the embeddable Allegro framework is installed Removed the need to run mkpkg as root Fix to make script work remotely Removed .

Je m'engage sur l'honneur à : - Ne pas faire état de l'existence de ce site et à ne pas en diffuser le contenu à des mineurs.set_application_quit_callback() is no more; if present, uses the window close button callback when user hits Command-Q or selects ' Quit' from the application menu.Removed a warning when compiling undex Mac OS X: caps() was already an exported symbol of a linked system lib Clarified the Mac OS X native port is preferred over the Darwin port on Mac OS X Plugins now return FALSE on save error; fixed docs on pack_putc(); fixed an endianess issue when loading/saving 24 bit images from datafiles Fixed a bug in windowed mode: vsync() was blocking on a mutex if called when the screen was already acquired Made system headers to be included only when compiling the lib Fixed small typo, thanks to Solak for reporting it Made OSX port working on the new branch OSX prefers usleep to rest Fixed build under OSX (sqrtf not supported) Fixed Be OS port issues (tested) Fixed and speeded up VRAM amount detection Added Mac OS X hardware mouse cursor support First commit in many years!Bob's blit problem fix Small fix to make Be Allegro to work on SMP machines Allow to configure Be OS specific MIDI settings Sound driver rewrite using the BSound Player class ops, made a mistake on makefile ops, made mistake #2 on makefile Added Be OS sound configuration Updated for Be OS sound configuration Fix for small compilation warning Small cosmetic fixes Added fetch_mode_list() support to Be OS fullscreen driver Fixing makefile Rewrote fetch_mode_list() to retrieve only modes actually supported by card Fixed mouse problems Additional small mouse fix Changed for Be OS audiostream locking support Triple buffering support, sound stability improved Sound fix for audiostream output and SMP machines Fixing API conflicts for the clear() change Fixing again the clear() problem Fixed makefile for MMX problem and weird echo behaviour Added the bfixicon utility Instruct Allegro to compile the bfixicon tool Setting bfixicon to compile only on Be OS Removing bfixicon from tools/ Fixing install target Demo now compiles with icon on Be OS Moved new bfixicon to tools/beos/, now with smarter datafile support Using unified color conversion routines, apps can now start from tracker and various fixes Updated Be OS todo list Fixed allegro-config script Removed Added shared library path output Updated todo Fixed sync problem with SMP machines Non-terminal launching and SMP fixes Be OS SMP problem solved Updated to accomodate newer color conversion API Fixed usage help small addition Small aesthetic fix Removed demo icon fixing due to linking problem fixed safe fullscreen bug and fetch_mode_list() Stupid small bugs prevented last WIP to compile on Be OS.Now fixed Added Be OS notes New Be OS keyboard driver using pckeys unicodified allegro_message on Be OS this removes a warning if mkstemp is available Updated the resource finder routine mentioned Be OS gfx/sound drivers into Added a fixdemo target for Be OS Added documentation on bfixicon Added it translation to Fixed another warning on tmpnam fixed text encoding problems fixed a nasty bug in Be OS makefile Fixed static keyconf compile problem on Be OS due to pckeys keyboard driver Sound doesn't block main thread anymore Made the timer retrace sync to default to 60 Hz Restored old timer retracer behaviour Using _set_current_refresh_rate() in fullscreen initialization fixed keyboard focus problem Several Be OS changes - added safe BWindow based windowed driver, added fullscreen overlay driver, reorganized and commented all the gfx subsystem.

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