Eq2 timorous deep updating environment map

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Like Rivervale was to Enchanted Lands, Pillars of Flame is located within The Sinking Sands.

Levels 61 – 70 At this point, zones stop making any attempt to adhere to ranges of 10.

Of course, you can obtain those levels by working your way trough the current zone and then heading into the one he mentions, but you don’t have to; those who want the rewards of doing this timeline can simply go wherever they want and then just head back to talk to him once they meet his prescribed level requirement.For the getting the most out of the least amount of zones, go to the Sinking Sands at level 45.Levels 51 – 60 In this range, The Village of Shin has the most staying power, letting players go through a whole extra 10 levels beyond the others.Players who want to leave the confines of Norrath’s continents can venture up into the trio of Tenebrous Tangle, Barren Sky, and The Bonemire in the sky, accessed via wizard spires.Levels 71 – 80 Again, Sundered Frontier can get you through this entire range, but then you’d be missing some spiffy Dwarven architecture in The Great Divide!

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