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You can easily update your Gmail password in Windows 10 Mail in less than a minute.

It’s important to note that you can’t change your Gmail account password from Windows 10 Mail app.

The update brings a swathe of upgrades to Gmail including improved security, easier ways to manage your inbox and something called confidential mode which allows users to control what happens to mail messages after they’ve been sent.

Another nice feature is something Google is calling Nudge.

Google has not released an official Gmail app for Windows 10 to date.

Luckily, the default Mail supports all standard mail systems, including Google’s webmail service Gmail.

Step 6: Finally, when you see the following screen, click Allow button to update your Gmail account password. Since the current version of Windows 10 Mail doesn’t allow you update your Gmail account password like it does for some other email services (see how to update email password in Windows 10 Mail), you need to manually delete your Gmail account from Mail app first and then manually add the account again. Step 2: When you see the Gmail account settings dialog, click Delete account option.

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Step 5: Click on Google, enter your Gmail account address, type in the password, click Sign in button and finally, click Allow button to add your Gmail account back to Windows 10 Mail.

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