Ekvador dating

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Construction began in 1605, with Mastrilli laying the first stone. La Compañía is among the best-known churches in Quito because of its large central nave, which is profusely decorated with gold leaf, gilded plaster and wood carvings.

Inspired by two Roman Jesuit churches—the Chiesa del Gesù and the Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola—La Compañía is one of the most significant works of Spanish Baroque architecture in South America.

In addition to the administrative units in the third level of the Palace is the presidential residence, a luxurious colonial-style apartment in which they live the President and his family.

Several rooms and spaces within the palace are used for this purpose. Your eyes will never grow tired of admiring their striking looks.Ecuadorian women generally have well shaped and curvy bodies, and glowing, tanned skin. Peru borders Ecuador to the south, and Colombia borders it to the north. On the coast of the Pacific Ocean there are beaches. This city is high up in the Andes, which makes it hard for some new visitors to breathe. Cuenca is famous for its old buildings and colonial architecture.

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