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Alongside his work in cinema, Norton is an environmental activist and social entrepreneur.

He is a trustee of non-profit organization for affordable housing Enterprise Community Partners.

Norton also wrote scripts for plays at the Signature Theatre Company and starred in Off-Broadway theater.

His performance in Brian Friel's Lovers brought him to the attention of playwright Edward Albee, whose one-act plays Norton enjoyed.

Consequently , he took over the editing (uncredited) and finished the final cut, which was 40 minutes longer than Kaye's version.

During promotion for the film, Norton explained that Fight Club examines the value conflicts of Generation X as the first generation raised on television, by probing "the despair and paralysis that people feel in the face of having inherited this value system out of advertising".

He has continued to receive critical acclaim for his roles in various ventures, namely The Score (2001), 25th Hour (2002), The Illusionist (2006), Moonrise Kingdom (2012) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014).

He took six months researching different acting techniques, focusing on method acting.

He later took lessons from acting coach Terry Schreiber after discovering he was looking for a Japanese translator to help direct a play in Tokyo.

Norton co-produced The Painted Veil, in which he starred with Naomi Watts, who portrayed his character's unfaithful wife.

Like his previous venture, The Painted Veil garnered positive feedback from reviewers.

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