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Using the above as an example, you can do the following in 1.4 and later: If you are worried about the number of garbage collections, but less worried about pause times, then increasing the heap should cause the number of full garbage collections to decrease, this is especially true if you increase the size of the eden space as well.Many systems have less efficient memory management than in Hot Spot. Using object pools will fool the collector into thinking objects are live when they really aren't. Try using -Xaprof to get a profile of the allocations (objects and sizes) of your application.To set this higher you need to modify /etc/system by adding the following 2 definitions: a try.This uses the incremental garbage collection algorithm, which attempts to collect a fraction of the heap instead of the entire thing at once.

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The behavior described above is true for 1.3.1 through Java SE 6 versions of the Java Hot Spot VMs.When this happens, the VM will exit after printing a message similar to the following.For more information, see the evaluation section of bug 4697804. The maximum theoretical heap limit for the 32-bit JVM is 4G.The Java Hotspot Client VM uses the current heap size to calculate the free space.This means that the general tendency is for the Server VM to grow the heap rather than flush soft references, and therefore has a significant effect on when soft references are garbage collected.

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