East asian women dating disparity

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Asian Americans are not only the fastest growing racial group in the United States, they are also economically one of the most diverse groups, with a substantial share of Asian Americans struggling day to day.Considering that this pattern of economic disparity in Asian American communities is not new, it is also no surprise to find substantial wealth inequality among Asian Americans.

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Wealth or savings allow people to weather unexpected events such as a layoff or illness and plan for the future—for example, sending children to college, starting a business, taking on a new job, and retiring.As a rule, those who struggle economically today also tend to face uncertain futures.Moreover, the gap between those who have a lot of wealth and face a secure future and those who do not keeps growing.But many Asian Americans are left behind with no or very little wealth.Although the data in this report do not allow for a further disaggregation by subpopulations, other data on employment and wages, for instance, suggest that some subpopulations such as Vietnamese-Americans are economically more vulnerable than other groups of Asian Americans.

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