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"Personally, I think that the (bachelor) guy might have the same tastes I have and prefer a little woman and reject the average-sized women," he said.Dating for dwarfs and/or little people can be hard for many reasons, not least of which are the misconceptions and stigma often perpetuated in entertainment, the internet, and society in general.More than 30,000 Americans and 651,700 people worldwide have a form of dwarfism — which the site Understanding Dwarfism defines as someone who is no taller than 4 feet 10 inches."Yes, the radio jocks will have a field day," Roloff told Reuters in a telephone interview."(But) hiding us behind closed doors or in funny costumes will never give us the exposure needed to desensitize society to us." Fox said this week that it would air the show, essentially a dwarf version of ABC's "The Bachelor," as a two-part special next month on February 16 and February 23.

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