Dr phil dating mistakes

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Robin and Phil have plenty to be thankful for in their lives, but Dr. Jay Mc Graw announced his engagement to Erica Dahm, one of the well-known Playboy Playmate triplets and by the time wedding bells came around, his dad was right there by his side. His wife Robin, on the other hand, loves nothing more than to surprise her over calculating husband.Phil knows there is nothing his wife cherishes more than her family. The wedding was held in their home home in Beverly Hills. But after being married for 39 years, it was time for tables to turn. Phil stood up in front of his live audience, stared them blankly without giving anything away when suddenly, he started to speak.His wife, Robin, was right there by his side the first time he appeared on TV, and made it her life’s mission to surprise her husband. Phil gained celebrity status after being discovered in the most unusual way.His wife, Robin, was right there by his side the first time he appeared on TV, and made it her life’s mission to surprise her husband.

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For their 39th anniversary, Robin had something special in store for hubby Phil.

“I like the southern Hispanic, tatted up, bald-headed gang members.

I like their looks, their personalities and the rules that they follow.” #Dr Phil drphil.com/videos/im-dati…

“The first time I saw her she had on baggy shorts and a T-shirt,” he said. Phil on the other hand, didn’t look so good, according to Robin.

While Robin was undeniably startled by the sheer presence of this huge man, Phil failed to see the situation the way she did. “You could tell he’d been in bed sick,” Robin said. He comes into the room and he goes, ‘Well, who are you?

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