Desperate dating men

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Skip to content I have noticed that women basically seem to get more desperate as they age, and in their desperation they will often go for younger guys.

This is what I've observed through my interactions with women while out and about.

He can walk into a shop (a brothel) where they sell sex in exchange for cash, just like all other goods and services. Now the thing is, this routine is much EASIER for a younger woman.

The older women are not as sexually appealing as they once were, and the pool of available men their own age has shrunk considerably.

The more out of wedlock children she has, the less likely some sucker....guy will bother to take her seriously. I've noticed that when men get older they genuinely lose interest in all females.

Sure you have the one or two old school blue pillers who would probably stab their own brother in the back just for a chance to a woman a drink but most men with age truly don't give two shits about women, and how to get them, and how to spend money on them.

I think there's a few reasons as to why this happens.

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Please tell me which old maid is pulling that; unless "boy toy" just wanted some battered old orifice that required nothing other than to just show up with a penis.

As far as paying in brothels, isn't that more realistic than dating? getting fat." - me (02/24/2013) Black women suck at life. Hell, I find the greatest enjoyment in now openly insulting these nasty old fat skanks who think they're MILFs and cougars to their face! There's no reason in hell why anyone has to see your expired 45-year-old saggy beluga whale a$s on the street in a mini skirt and heels just because you wanna spend hubby's hard-earned money on shoes and make-up! getting fat." - me (02/24/2013) Black women suck at life.

After a while, single women over 35 are bound to discover that most men of similar age are already settled down (read: married with kids).

Many of the available men will have an ex-wife and children in the picture.

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