Death note dating sim walkthrough

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If 1 or 2 energy at this point, 33/33/33 between Charge, Beam, and Block. The third opponent will only attack on Card 1 if you're at 0 energy. (Normal) Gin: While Sara is up, gives her back 1 health after each opponent. (Normal) Sou: Reveals the correct weapon in advance. (Normal) Nao: Gives warning 1 second before signal. (Normal) Alice: Warns 1 second before enemies turn. (Stacks with Kanna's ability.) The enemies increase in number as you finish each lever, so getting all the bars near full before finishing one will mean you need to deal with the additional enemies less. (Stacks with Nao's ability.) Sou: Increases charge speed. (Easy) [Warning: Reko can't be picked for this game after Day 2, Noon.] Alice: One extra health.

An optional and easily-avoidable bad ending involving mindbreak. However, I will say that it is pretty short, though Nankidai intends to update it with more at a later date. If you're using a laptop touchpad or having trouble with rapid clicking, it's recommended you go into Options and enable Minigame Auto-Click, which modifies all minigames to remove most of the clicking. I list any notable "effects" Sara has on her own for comparison, the bonuses given by each partner, and the effects of the Easy Ticket. Save in case of a game over, then talk to Sou to begin a minigame. Note that in most games, you start by controlling Sara, then switch to your partner if you run out of health. Reko (since all their trade opportunities have you choose one of those two) and Q-taro vs. In the war of words, you need at least 3 rebuttals to win favor. View their new statement, and click on Q-taro's face. In the Balance Battle, affirm Keiji's "Q-taro couldn't," affirm Sou's "just take a peek," affirm Keiji's "started to negotiate," deny Keiji's "must've let him in," and affirm Keiji's "slipped the tablet under." Talk to Q-taro. Contrast Q-taro and Gin's statements; this will change Sou's statement. In the Balance Battle, affirm Q-taro's "if you're silent," deny Gin's "didn't see anything," and deny Gin's "Reko's got it wrong." (If you make three wrong choices, the battle is sent back to the first "stage.") Talk to Gin and ask if he has the letter. As for how many you of those can get in one run, it boils down to Nao vs. Either present the Victim Video to Nao, or talk to Gin too and contrast Gin and Nao's statements.

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