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While there is some diversity represented in the library, there is nothing in the library that would have been beyond the interest of the Essenes, and the collection as a whole has a sectarian character running throughout.The large number of sectarian documents scattered throughout the caves attests to this theory.

Also, before the discovery of the DSS, we had very little paleographic evidence from the Second Temple period (the Nash Papyri being the exception).Also, there is nothing in the library that blatantly contradicts the teaching of the Essenes that we know from the classical sources, like Pliny, Philo, and Josephus, particularly if you accept Josephus’ witness that there were both marrying and non-marrying Essenes.While the library could have been an Essene Library, the Essenes are not necessarily the authors or the scribes of all of the documents.Kando sells four of the scrolls to a prelate of the Syrian Orthodox Church named Mar Samuel.He entrusts these scrolls to the staff of the American School of Oriental Research (Burrows, Trever, and Brownlee).

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