Dating tips for lesbian moms police policy on dating married woman

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Be happy Both authors focus on simple ways to make yourself happy, aside from any relationship.Having admitted that she herself hit rock bottom during her divorce, Perkins includes lessons such as “Count your blessings”, “Take time for time out” and “Laugh until our faces ache”.“My journey was made possible because of the extraordinary women and men in my life who love me for who I am – they are my mentors and my cheerleaders.

“If my friends are saying something about my relationship, and it’s upsetting me, then I know deep down that they are right.

“I write as a woman who has recently celebrated her fiftieth birthday. I am grateful for my wisdom, I love my self-confidence, I love that I will no longer suffer fools, I love that women of our generation have choices.” Bravery, courage and confidence underpin much of her advice.

“You are more courageous than you believe”, “You are the only one standing in your way” and “Do the thing that scares you” are all lessons learned early on.

Like Watson, Perkins uses her own life to explain the lessons that she has learned.

In her introduction, she underlines her attitude to midlife.

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