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Let S(n,k) be the event of success in choosing X among N candidates with our strategy for M = k, that is, exploring and categorically rejecting the first k-1 candidates, then settling with the first person whose rank is better than all you have seen so far. It is obvious that if X is among the first k-1 people who enter our life, then no matter who we choose afterward, we cannot possibly pick X (as we include X in those who we categorically reject).Otherwise, in the second case, we notice that our strategy can only succeed if one of the first k-1 people is the best among the first i-1 people.You may wonder: “Hang on a minute, won’t I achieve the highest probability of finding the best person at a very small value of N? Based on the simulation, at N = 3, we can achieve the probability of success of up to 66% by simply choosing the third person every time.So does that mean we should always aim to date at most 3 people and settle on the third? The problem is that this strategy will only maximize the chance of finding the best among these 3 people, which, for some cases, is enough.I wish there was a polite button to press to block them but send a message which says “ Nice to meet you and best of luck.”There’s a little feedback- only been on 3 days. You will still be able to see profiles who have favourited you in your Discover and start chatting to them.Lumen Premium allows you to view people who are interested in you, use advanced filters and double the amount of conversations you can start per day. Compatible with i Phone 5s, i Phone 6, i Phone 6 Plus, i Phone 6S, i Phone 6s Plus, i Phone SE, i Phone 7, i Phone 7 Plus, i Phone 8, i Phone 8 Plus, i Phone X, i Phone XS, i Phone XS Max, i Phone XR, i Pad Air, i Pad Air Wi-Fi Cellular, i Pad mini 2, i Pad mini 2 Wi-Fi Cellular, i Pad Air 2, i Pad Air 2 Wi-Fi Cellular, i Pad mini 3, i Pad mini 3 Wi-Fi Cellular, i Pad mini 4, i Pad mini 4 Wi-Fi Cellular, 12.9-inch i Pad Pro, 12.9-inch i Pad Pro Wi-Fi Cellular, i Pad Pro (9.7-inch), i Pad Pro (9.7-inch) Wi‑Fi Cellular, i Pad Wi-Fi (5th generation), i Pad (5th generation) Wi‑Fi Cellular, i Pad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation), i Pad Pro (12.9‑inch) (2nd generation) Wi‑Fi Cellular, i Pad Pro (10.5-inch), i Pad Pro (10.5-inch) Wi‑Fi Cellular, i Pad (6th generation), i Pad Wi-Fi Cellular (6th generation), i Pad Pro (11-inch), i Pad Pro (11-inch) Wi-Fi Cellular, i Pad Pro (12.9-inch), i Pad Pro (12.9-inch) Wi‑Fi Cellular, i Pad mini (5th generation), i Pad mini (5th generation) Wi-Fi Cellular, i Pad Air (3rd generation), i Pad Air (3rd generation) Wi-Fi Cellular, i Pod touch (6th generation) and i Pod touch (7th generation).

Below is a graph that shows the optimal ratio M/N as we increase the number of candidates we consider. It means out of all the people you could possibly date, let’s say you foresee yourself dating 100 people in the next 10 years (more like 10 for me but that’s another discussion), you should see about the first 37% or 37 people, and then settle for the first person after that who’s better than the ones you saw before (or wait for the very last one if such a person doesn’t turn up)How do they get to this number? Let’s say we foresee N potential people who will come to our life sequentially and they are ranked according to some ‘matching/best-partner statistics’.To formularize the strategy: you date M out of N people, reject all of them and immediately settle with the next person who is better than all you have seen so far. As I said earlier, the optimal rule value of M is M = 0.37N. I decide to run a small simulation in R to see if there’s an indication of an optimal value of M.Let O_best be the arrival order of the best candidate (Mr/Mrs.Perfect, The One, X, the candidate whose rank is 1, etc.) We do not know when this person will arrive in our life, but we know for sure that out of the next, pre-determined N people we will see, X will arrive at order O_best = i.

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