Dating stress

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It’s something I still make time for, even though I’m back in the dating world.After a few months, I re-downloaded Bumble and met a guy who said he wanted a relationship.About a month ago, I swiped right on a particularly foxy guy.After a few dates, I stopped using the app and then deleted it completely.Eventually, logging on to Ok Cupid via my laptop turned into downloading the app. My mother and I calculated and realized that I’d gone on something like 70 first dates in 2015.I was double-booking myself, and if the date I was on was a dud, I’d sneak into the bathroom to swipe to find something to line up for after.

Deleting the apps off my phone gave me time to realize that the frantic pace I was going at wasn’t doing me, or the men I was meeting, any favors.Luckily, I eventually realized that there's no "right" way to date, and that I need to find happiness within myself, no partner needed.It’s Not You is where I write to calm the voices in my head — and hear from all of you.And once I started talking to them, I’d stop swiping.It was a complete 180 from what I used to do — swiping until my fingers burned.

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