Dating site for people in prison

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They are meant to foster interpersonal engagement, and are not an intelligent way to start a romantic relationship.

Women and men fascinated with prisoners need to take heed.“The odds of everything working out are slim,” Bischke said.

that men who have committed serious violent offenses should not be allowed to participate in online meeting services, asking: “Are we setting these people up to be victims in the future? Cuomo insist that prisoner dating sites unnecessarily encourage scenarios that place naive people in danger, for which these site creators are partially responsible.

Despite the growing interest in online prisoner dating, Bischke insists that these sites are intended to ease prisoner isolation only.

Once a prisoner’s information makes it online, interested parties pick potential partners as they would on any other matching site.

Some sites also charge people interested in contacting an inmate for the desired addresses.

author Asha Bandele details the romantic courtship that led to her marriage to husband Zayd Rashid while he was serving a sentence of 20 years to life for murder.

Women like Bandele insist that a prisoner’s appeal lies in the fact that the relationship blossoms through enriching communication and non-physical intimacy before sexuality influences one’s attachment.

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Leading sites boast “between 7,000 and 10,000 ads” featuring prisoners seeking to connect.

People can get an image of what they think a person is like from a photo, description and a few letters,” Bischke warned.

“You simply cannot make a relationship from letters alone, which some people mistakenly do.”Despite published warnings on his site, Bischke says visitors often develop romantic feelings for their pen pals.

Behind this façade, sites with names like act as bridges that transform long-distance friends into lovers.

Arlen Bischke started a prisoner pen-pal site called in 1998 to help prisoners connect to the outside world.

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