Dating sears guitars

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Can anyone tell me how to check out the serial number printed inside.Serial number : L8975 Thanks Bob Trying to find info (date, value, etc) of my Kay archtop L7103 and Custom Kraft LP copy, stock #2244 ser #520. I have an acoustic guitar, not an archtop, it has a gold sticker on the top with the letter "K" exactly like the Kay logo. Can anybody tell me anything about this guitar and it's value? It's in great condition, seems to be all original and I believe it's from the 70's.As such, there are a lot of vintage specimens hidden under beds, lurking in closets or parading in plain sight on shop walls (and Reverb listings).

Either this a one of a kind, or I haven't found the right website. I think you might have a Kay Upbeat Full Kelvinator guitar fror the late 1950's. I just bought this guitar with no markings and am driving myself crazy digging around trying to figure out what it is. It is a double F hole acoustic, with a floating bridge. Also the fretboard needs to be reglued onto the neck. On that note, could you send me some photos showing its condition (inc. What would be your very best price for it, and what is the postage to the UK. I am looking for a red one - it doesn't necessarily need to be a Kay-branded Busker.

While the situation isn't quite as bad as say, Gibson or Guild, this guide should be viewed as the best available consensus, not gospel.

In some cases a serial number may leave you with a fuzzy span of several years, and in others you will know which number your guitar was within a batch during a specific month and year.

The guide below is intended to help you identify the production year of any Gretsch guitar, given the serial number and its location on the guitar.

This information has been compiled from multiple sources (cited at bottom).

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