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And the city’s high-living costs, including expensive cocktails and often outlandish restaurant checks, can be a deterrent for some. We’ve rounded up six ways—besides surfing dating apps and hanging out in bars—to meet other Boston singles the old-fashioned way. Between work, family, and personal life, your schedule may be fully booked and your weekly workouts are not something you are willing to give up to make time for meeting new people. Consider killing two birds with one stone by exercising in a group setting.

Instead of your usual solo workout, the options for group fitness in Boston are endless, whether your exercise routine includes yoga, HIIT, or cycling.

The nearby Brattle Theatre brings a more modern mix of smart flicks to its romantic, old-school movie-house environs, but the neighborhood is also home to impressive live theater—whether you’re clasping hands at Loeb Drama Center, where the nationally renowned American Repertory Theater stages its award-winning main-stage productions, or tapping toes together at the in-the-round venue Oberon, host to more immersive and experimental works, from bawdy burlesque shows to the fringe-focused “Glowberon” series with programming content of particular appeal to queer couples.

And on the grittier, grassroots side, you can scope folk-rock bands at Harvard Square’s historic, ultra-intimate and sub-street level Club Passim, or titter over scorpion bowls as local comics workshop their material in the Comedy Studio, housed on the top floor of the complete-with-karaoke Hong Kong restaurant.

Places like the offer enriching classes in language, cooking, mixology, computer software, and the arts.

On the other hand, no matter the sexual preference, most single women face the challenge of finding time as a high-achieving professional in a city crawling with other equally as busy singles.

Plus, who even dares to step out of their house in the wintertime after work when the sun sets at 4 pm?

From brainy cultural attractions for Ivy League-level interests to live music clubs that pay homage to the neighborhood’s punk rock roots, there are plenty of grade-A options to help set crimson hearts aflame and aflutter.

Dining-wise, Harvard Square’s strongest selling point is its high-low mix.

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