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87 87 (2) LA–QQQ–ICP–MS: Laser ablation–triple quad–inductively coupled plasma– 87 87 mass spectometry allows us to separate Rb from Sr within the mass spectometer (Fig. This allows us to produce abundant in-situ data at low cost.

eral paleo-canyons of early Pl The Derim Derim Event: Impact on hydrocarbon development ARC Mc Arthur Basin Linkage Team Introduction: The intrusion of the Derim Derim sills, within the Roper Group, represent a significant magmatic heat source that had a potential impact on hydrocarbon maturity.

Practical considerations means that the number of analyses that are used to define an isochron is limited.

This is overcome with the new reaction-cell technology.

(3) Rb/Sr on Precambrian shales: In Figure 2 we show the age calculated from the Rb–Sr isotopic ratios of two black shales.

The analyses consist of 90 x 75 μm laser spots along a single lamination with the calculated ages being in agreement with other dating methods.

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