Dating places in los angeles

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You can sit at the more traditional restaurant downstairs, or head to the second floor for their bar, because L&E understands that you need options.Plus, it’s right down the street from the Silver Lake reservoir and cool venues like the Satellite, if you feel like keeping the date going.Nothing kills momentum more than having to scream “What?? You’ll both walk away happy if you focus on the shared plates and the pastas. If you want this person to think you’re much cooler than you really are, take them to Ma’am Sir.

And “I love you” is almost guaranteed to follow said meal.

You don’t have to take every open mic musician you match with to dinner, but if you want to make an impression and actually look like you give a damn about getting to know someone, an old-school first date is the way to go. There’s no rose on the table and you don’t need to share your whole life story in hopes of making it to the next episode. This might seem obvious but you need a place that proves you know what you’re doing, without overdoing it. Margot is the ideal destination for a Westside date night with views.

Here’s how it’s done: For starters, you need a place where you can hear each other. Save the prix-fixe menus and helicopter rides for later. It’s on the roof of Platform in Culver City, so you should try to times your reservation with the sunset.

After you enjoy some of my personal all time favorite cocktails, you have the option of keeping the evening going by staying for dinner. Gwen is known for their incredible renown cuisine as well as their fantastic cocktails.

If your date is a foodie or an appreciator of particularly good cocktails, Gwen is the jam.

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