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Michael Owens invented the machine in 1903, and it became more common by the 1908 or 1910.

By 1915, probably half the bottles were made by machines.

Portland was the second biggest city on the coast, next to San Francisco in the mid to late 1800s, L. Most of them are from the late 1700s to very early 1900s when they switched from hand-blown, mouth-blown bottles craft-type bottle production to machines.

There was a glass blower with the mold boy producing them by hand – and they never touched it, of course, not literally.

And those bottles date from right around the early 1860s when the first successful glass factory started in the Bay Area to the 1910, 1920 era when machines took over. Spring tonic, some claimed it rejuvenated and invigorated, back then during the great age of quackery.

Even after that point, people collect ACL, applied color labels, soda bottles which are machine-made, and milk bottles which are machine-made, the vast majority of them. There’s another one I have, not a tonic bottle but it’s called William Radam’s Microbe Killer.

In terms of what I’m most passionate about it’s Western mouth-blown bottles, bottles that are clearly identified with the West or made in the West.

That generated a critical mass of collector interest.

: I break them into eight different big categories on my Historic Bottle Website.

From when they first started making bottles in North America in the late 1700s to when machines took over, there were probably hundreds of thousands of uniquely different bottles made within a lot of different types.

The major types are liquor, spirits-type bottles, soda and mineral water, wine, beer and ale, medicinal and then household things like ink and cleaning products…and miscellaneous bottles that don’t fit the other categories.

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