Dating nyc phone chat lines

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“I listened in once, and I can’t even begin to tell you what they were talking about — with strangers!

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Marketers knew it, and advertised party lines during after school television programs and in teen magazines.

At one point, teen party lines were only one category of phone services — 970 numbers were reserved for X-rated connections, but other 900 numbers offered fan lines for Hulk Hogan or rock ’n’ roll music, sports talk, psychics, or bible verses. It was the 1980s entrepreneur’s dream, albeit a risky one.“My meal ticket,” said Joe Widawsky, who started 540-AMOR, a Hispanic group date line in New York City.

With “Donald Trump-like smugness,” Widawsky was convinced his venture would allow him to retire to a Caribbean island.

Think of it like a precursor to the internet chat room.

Around the country, kids dialed numbers like 550-TEEN for access to party lines, otherwise known as group bridging services.

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