Dating mistakes with

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People like authenticity, advises body mind analyst Suzanne Masefield. But at the same time you have to be careful about not playing all of your hand at once, she says.

We all have boundaries, which we need to set, however we need to be equally as mindful about not stepping over others, she explains.

Yes, some lovely people might reach out, but always waiting for them to make the first move is a common online dating mistake. The most proactive members are off meeting other proactive members so they probably won’t have time to reach out to you. Thinking of original things to say in your opening messages can be time consuming.

That’s why many people look for short cuts, copying and pasting the same boring conversation starters.

Your profile photo is the first thing that people will see so you have to make it count. It’ll make your face light up and you’ll get more messages.

Online dating is a fantastic way to meet new single people.

It’s easy to get started but sadly many people fall victim to the same mistakes.

You want to look friendly, approachable and honest and you can’t do that if you post a blurry shot with part of your face obscured. Although, there’s one thing even worse than having a bad photo – not having one at all!

You can’t just sit back and wait to see who contacts you. That way you’ll be able to handpick the most suitable profiles from your matches and hopefully go on to meet them.

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