Dating minton pottery marks

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Dating Minton mark - B4 1/2 Query:- I have a set of 4 plates that I recently bought online.

I am not sure what the black flowers are nor the little white ones around the edge.I checked out Godden from the library, but can't pin this down. Godden says in 1850, Minton started a new range of pattern numbers, starting A1, A2, etc., and then in 1860 new subdivisions and letter prefixes were introduced: 'B' Decorations without gilt enrichment, c. Is your Worcester collecting family member in the US or UK? Here's the photos:- I was reading up about Minton on the Cumming Collection (at the Gardiner Museum) website and contrary to what I thought about Minton being always clearly marked, they were saying that early Minton often is either totally unmarked or has just pattern numbers.1870 Either of these B's would put these plates later in the century. I don't have that info about the A1 etc in my Goddens - maybe you were looking at the later revised edition. With that in mind, and your research about the above old plate with the red squiggle and blob backstamp marking being Minton of Staffordshire, I was wondering if the plate uploaded by Joanne could be of the same stable.A circle inside a triangle for 1876, a cross inside a rectangle for 1884, a dot inside a square for 1869, Staffordshire knot for 1888 ..... This info is taken from what Goddens says about Minton marks: From 1842 they went to an impressed 'cypher system' very specific and easy to date. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china. He makes a couple of references to a planned sequel for Minton 1850 , as well, but I can't find any such book. Collecting relative is in the US, her parents emigrated from Birmingham. We just had a submission from Joanne Bray over in Australia about an old nice quality looking Japanese Kutani style (e.g.There may be exceptions I suppose, but generally, this is what you see: There is normally a set of three marks: YEAR -- a different 'cyper' or graphic mark for every year for 100 years. MONTH -- This is normally a letter of the alphabet - J for January, F for February etc etc (I can't see this on yours)POTTERS MARK -- I don't have any info on the potters mark, but I guess they are the squiggles. Please post comments below which you think might be helpful…… I have a great time tracking down these little mysteries, always glad to help! I've picked up my taste for English china from her. the orange palette) plate without markings except for a small red blob mark on the bottom.

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