Dating k9 girls

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Sometimes, challenges arise with those you love, but you know you'll stick it out and always be on each other's team.

As a lover of the canine species, odds are, she'll be paying attention to a lot of dogs when she should probably pay attention to you.

This means she will probably be pretty fit and the two of you can do this together. There’s a reason that videos with pets do so well on You Tube and that’s because seeing them do cute stuff makes us all smile! Get her a mug with her dog’s picture on it and she will be made up. We don’t always know the right things to say to cheer a girl up.

Seriously it’s actually fun to go for walks with someone you like. This sounds a bit shallow but shopping for a lady can be tough. Get her anything related to her dog and she will be pleased as punch. Myself I’m dreadful at it, perhaps that’s why I’m single! If a woman can deal with a dog’s issues she can deal with yours.

One of the most important things our pets can teach us is the importance of knowing where your loyalties lie.

You can buy something for her with a dog on it, or you can buy something for her dog. Sometimes, a human just can't do the trick to cure a case of the blues.

You may need some four-legged help to cheer up your girl. In a pinch, there are millions of dog videos on the internet that can instantly turn any frown into a smile.

Raising a dog isn't much different than raising a human.

There's the regular feeding, the impossible task of bathing, and a lot of poop. Your stomach flu won't scare her away; she'll be right next to you to help you through it.

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