Dating ideas in atlanta

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Not only can you go taste wine, but a picnic on the property which is located in a beautiful scenery between two mountains. Head on over to Howell Mill and check out the variety of foods at the small food truck park.

Be daring and adventurous in trying the different types of food.

Going on a walk in Centennial Olympic Park, Piedmont Park, and even Stone Mountain is always a great idea for a date.

When the weather is warm, you could also plan a picnic out in the open air. Luckily, at Starlight Drive-In, movies are only per adult.

And being single in this city is like being a kid in a candy store — you have so many options.

To get you started, we’ve pinpointed the 12 best ways for dating in the ATL!

Also, you could explore the city and look at the graffiti art around the city.

For under , you can go and learn about the history of Atlanta (if that’s your kind of thing).The World of Coca-Cola is another great place to take a date.Learn the history of Coca-Cola and try out the different flavors of Coke.You can enjoy a movie without getting out of your car. We recently wrote a list of the top burger places in Atlanta.Also, if these places are not cheap enough for you, we have another list of cheap Atlanta restaurants to try out.

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