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In particular there has never been a case of congenital rubella syndrome associated with a rubella vaccine virus.

In the UK 123 births were reported to the National Congenital Rubella Surveillance Programme () between 1980 to 1985 in which the mother had received rubella vaccine during the pregnancy and no congenital abnormalities were identified which could have been caused by the vaccine.

Generally, live virus vaccines are contraindicated for pregnant women because of the theoretical risk of transmission of the vaccine virus to the fetus.

vaccine have been given inadvertently to pregnant women with no ill effects observed.

Standard practice can be followed in immunising schoolgirls who are old enough to be pregnant.

Person-to-person transmission of both mumps and measles vaccine viruses has never been documented.

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Peri-natal infection may also be associated with respiratory distress around the time of birth and with thrombocytopenia according to case reports.

Once cases have been diagnosed in the hospital, vaccination of susceptible contacts (including all staff born after 1980 who do not have documentation or 2 dose of ) should be recommended.

Although this will not prevent infection in those already exposed it may, however, prevent second and third waves of infection in that setting It will also ensure that they are fully protected for measles and rubella.

Indeed, the only case series in leukaemic patients suggests that mumps may follow a milder course in such groups.

Clearly the best way to prevent such incidents is by maintaining high vaccine uptake in the community.

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